Lenton LockLENTON® LOCK, a new in-situ rebar splice from ERICO®, requires no bar-end preparation.
It is ideal for new construction, repair or retrofit applications. The LENTON LOCK coupler
features patented gripping technology that provides for the development of full rebar strength and improved overall structural integrity in tension, compression, stress-reversal and dynamic
applications. This innovative mechanical rebar splice is designed for use in column splicing, bridge applications, piling, splicing to protruding dowels cast in concrete, closure pours, beams, chimney construction and other demanding splicing applications.

 LENTON LOCK couplers meet or exceed major international building codes and Department 

of Transportation (DOT) requirements, including CalTrans’ Ultimate Splice requirement. 

 LENTON LOCK couplers allow for easy and simple field installation since no bar-end 

preparation, sawing or swaging is necessary. The couplers can be installed with just a standard wrench or an impact wrench depending on coupler size. The bolt heads will shear off when proper installation tightness has been reached, which allows for completely visual inspection. 

 LENTON LOCK works as a one-step transition on ASTM (in-lb) and metric rebar. For Canadian rebar sizes, contact ERICO for transition compatibility. The completed connection performs 

similar to a continuous piece of rebar. In testing, the couplers demonstrated less than 0.0039 in (0.10 mm) of slip.


  • Meets or exceeds major international building code and Department of Transportation  requirements, including CalTrans’ Ultimate Splice requirement, IBC®, UBC® and ACI® 318 Type 2, DIN 1045 and BS8110
  • Uses standard rebar; requires no bar-end preparation such as  sawing or swaging — ideal for in-situ splices
  • Is smaller than other bolted splices currently available
  • Performs like a continuous piece of rebar
  • Works in repair, bent bar, retrofit, precast closure pour and new construction applications
  • Meets slip criteria of less than 0.10 mm (0.0039 in)
  • Provides superior fatigue performance
  • Works with a variety of standard US and international rebar grades
  • Installs quickly and easily using simple hand tools — does not  require special skilled labor
  • Allows for simple visual inspection
  • Works as one-step transition on ASTM (in-lb) and metric rebar