LENTON® Form Saver™ solves the age old problem of joining rebar in staged construction while protecting your valuable forms from damage.

All Form Saver™ couplers are supplied pre-assembled to the rebar with mounting plate for attachment to form work and a pressed in metal disc thread protector which can be easily removed.


  • Safer job site by eliminating protruding dowels
  • Mounting plate has keyed holes to ease attachment to form
  • Meets or exceeds requirements of most international codes and standards
  • All couplers are attached to the first pour rebar
  • Taper threads eliminate the problems of cross-threading while providing a precise positive locking splice
  • System uses standard bar diameters
  • Built-in thread cover protects internal threads from concrete paste contamination and is easily removed


LENTON® Form Saver™ is ideal for slip form, jump form, segmental pour and stairwell applications. They can be used to eliminate a wide variety of construction related problems:

  • Pour Breaks / Construction Joints
  • Slab Penetrations
  • Stairwells
  • Tower Crane Openings
  • Future Extensions
  • Dangerous Starter Bars
  • Pile Extensions (cut offs)
  • Beam to Columns
  • Floor Slabs to Core Walls (block out)