ERICO´s Quick-Wedge™ splicing system is a simple and quick alternative for joining small diameter reinforcing bars.

The splice consists of an oval shaped steel sleeve and a wedge pin. Installation is made in seconds by over-lapping rebar in the steel sleeve and driving the wedge pin between the bars with a portable hydraulic hand tool.


  • Minimizes length of exposed rebar dowel – eliminates excessive concrete chipping in retrofit installations
  • Bars can be cut to the approximate size spanning between the rebar being joined
  • Lightweight hand-held hydraulic pin driver designed for minimum clearance situations
  • Joins #4 (12 mm), #5 (16 mm) and #6 (20 mm) reinforcing bars
  • In-situ splicing with minimum dowel length requirement for bar smaller or equal to 20 mm
  • Low cost
  • Visual inspection possible
  • Simple to use
  • Connections can be made in virtually any weather
  • Can make up to 100 splices per hour


Lapped bar capability and minimal exposed bar ends make the Quick-Wedge system ideal for repairs or expansions including:
  • Bridge Repair
  • Road Repair
  • Precast
  • Building Extensions
  • Spiral Reinforcement
  • Stirrups and Ties
  • Pile Extensions
  • Epoxy Coated Rebar