The LENTON® Terminator™ is an over-sized end anchor secured to the end of a length of reinforcing steel, creating anchorage within the concrete.

This approach greatly simplifies rebar placement and reduces congestion. The LENTON Terminator incorporates the time-tested and field-proven LENTON tapered thread.


  • No special training required
  • Eliminates rebar hook – simplifies bar placement
  • Minimizes embedment lengths – reduces congestion
  • Simplifies concrete placement
  • Greater design flexibility
  • Faster installation lowers in-place costs
  • Available for standard rebar dimensions


  • LENTON Terminator is ideal for all forms of construction, including dams, subways, bridges, high-rises, water treatment plants, and stadiums
  • The Terminator is frequently used for Beam/Column and Roof/Column applications
  • Can also be used for future extensions to Beam/Column and Roof/Column connections