For precast construction, ERICO offers the LENTON® InterLok™ rebar splicing system. It is designed to provide structural integrity between load bearing precast members such as columns beams and shear walls.

LENTON InterLok uses a specially formulated cementitious grout in conjunction with the LENTON taper threaded system. It offers efficient, versatile and cost-effective connections.


  • Convenient and flexible to use
  • Eliminates unsightly and costly patchwork
  • For all rebar sizes from 16 mm (#5) through 57 mm (#18)
  • Optimizes production time while improving integrity of the structure
  • Maintains structural integrity through precast sections – reinforcing steel acts as one continuous bar
  • Tensile loads are transferred through the rebar – not dependent on the compressive strength of the concrete
  • Connection is not detrimental to surrounding concrete as no heat is produced
  • Taper-threaded and grouted precast construction splices